A Tribute to Alice Mayhew, 1932 – 2020

Dear Friends,

When Alice Mayhew passed away earlier this year, we had planned to gather to celebrate her extraordinary life. When the pandemic made such a gathering impossible, we embarked upon what might be considered a more fitting homage to Alice:  We put all of the tributes in writing, in this booklet, so there’s a written testament to Alice’s editorial brilliance, personal integrity, and character.  Special thanks to Julia Prosser, who led this effort and worked with Alice for many years (and also contributed a particularly moving elegy to Alice).

Several of Alice’s long-time authors have major books coming out this fall, including Jonathan Alter’s biography of Jimmy Carter, HIS VERY BEST; ELEANOR by David Michaelis, which was more than a decade in the works; and Bob Woodward’s RAGE, which is dedicated to Alice.  Just last week, another one of Alice’s authors reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list – Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s MY OWN WORDS, which Alice was honored to edit.  Like RBG, Alice passed away at the age of 87 and was deeply committed to her work, right up to the very end.

I hope you’ll enjoy these memories of Alice and share them with anyone who might appreciate the life and work of a truly great editor.






Jonathan Karp
President and Chief Executive Officer
Simon & Schuster