Introducing Zuiker Press, an “Issue-Based” Graphic Novel Literary House From Michelle and Anthony Zuiker

New Publishing Enterprise to be Distributed By Simon & Schuster

 Mend: A Story of Divorce, now available for pre-order, is the #1 New Release in both the Children’s Marriage & Divorce Book and Children’s Abuse Book categories on Amazon

NEW YORK, July 2Zuiker Press, a new publishing enterprise founded by Michelle and Anthony E. Zuiker to herald the voices of young authors, announced today that it will publish its first titles in Fall 2018. The idea to launch an “issue-based” literary house came out of Michelle’s 17 years in elementary school education, mostly at the national blue-ribbon school, Vanderburg Elementary, and was augmented by the couple’s personal experience with the challenges that they saw with their own children and those their friends face.

Simon & Schuster will handle distribution for Zuiker Press titles.

The first two books from Zuiker Press, Mend and Click, will be on sale in November 2018.  Mend: A Story of Divorce, now available for pre-order, hit the #1 New Release spot in the Children’s Abuse Books Category on Amazon, in the first 24 hours. It is also the #1 New Release in the Children’s Marriage & Divorce Books category. Mend: A Story of Divorce, is a heart-wrenching story of an 11-year-old girl’s heartbreak when her parents unexpectedly announced their divorce. Click: A Story of Cyberbullying, is a shocking depiction of a young teenager’s torment in the world of online harassment.

Eight titles are in production, with two planned for each of the spring and fall seasons through spring 2021. Other topics that Zuiker Press will focus on include body dysmorphia, school shootings, transgender, and suicide and opioid addiction. Given the hard-hitting nature of these topics, the Zuikers felt it was key that each book also includes educational support materials on the subject to assist educators and parents on how to continue the dialogue.

Zuiker Press combines Michelle’s deep experience in education and Anthony’s background in storytelling across television and film, as the creator of the CSI franchise, to share these teen’s stories.

The Zuikers created a series of books that allow young people to share their stories, in their own words, each tackling a sensitive topic head on. Every book is the culmination of months of personal interviews with the author, and is presented in a graphic novel format, to help bring these extremely tough topics to life. The books are also meant to be a platform for each author’s cause; each author and their families will be involved in the promotion of the books. Interviews and other added-value materials will be made available on All of which is to help readers to learn from each author’s pain and heroics to find hope, change and happiness in their own lives.

“We are proud to sign with Simon & Schuster to help bring to market our mission to give voice to young people who truly have the opportunity to change lives. We believe that when a young person doesn’t feel alone in the world, because they just read a story that resonated with them, or gave them hope, or gave them the courage to ask for help, then we’ve truly accomplished our goal,” said Michelle.

“My wife and I started on this endeavor because our own children struggle with many of these topics. We’ve listened to them and their friends. Young people of today want to help others to overcome their personal struggles. They truly want to help save lives. Every young author we are working with has shared in interviews, “If I can save one life…” comes up time and time again. Young people, reaching out to other young people, today and tomorrow, is what Zuiker Press is all about,” added Anthony.

“We are thrilled to work with the team at Zuiker Press to introduce their innovative and important books to readers,” said Michael Perlman, Vice President, General Manager of Simon & Schuster Publisher Services. “They are passionate in their mission, and we are pleased to welcome them to our family of distribution clients.”

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About Zuiker Press

Founded by “CSI” franchise creator Anthony E. Zuiker and his wife Michelle, Zuiker Press is a publishing company dedicated to championing the voices of young authors. Their mission is to address subjects that affect all children directly or indirectly and to empower all children everywhere with the knowledge that they are not alone. Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator of television’s hugely successful CSI franchise, serves as the Co-Founder, Publisher, and Creative Director of Zuiker Press. Michelle Zuiker is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Zuiker Press. A veteran teacher of 17 years at a Blue Ribbon School in Las Vegas, Michelle has worked closely with special needs children and, in particular, those on the autism spectrum.

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