Tamika D. Mallory’s Publishing Debut “State of Emergency” Due May 11, 2021 and Will Be the First Title from New Imprint Black Privilege Publishing at Atria Books

NEW YORK, November 18 –  Tamika D. Mallory, the groundbreaking, award winning social justice leader, Time 100 honoree, co-founder of 2017’s record-setting Women’s March, and co-founder of social justice organization Until Freedom, will make her highly anticipated literary debut, STATE OF EMERGENCY with BLACK PRIVILEGE PUBLISHING, a new imprint from Atria Books at Simon & Schuster.

A searing indictment of America’s historical, deadly, and continuing assault on Black lives, STATE OF EMERGENCY will also share Mallory’s trusted voice and inextricable experience—drawn from a lifetime of front line culture-shifting activism, organizing and fighting for equal justice—on how best to continue the country’s onward advancement and momentum toward true equality and social justice.

BLACK PRIVILEGE PUBLISHING is led by multimedia mogul and bestselling author Charlamagne Tha God. Host of a forthcoming weekly late-night show on Comedy Central, host of iHeartRadio’s The Breakfast Club, and founder of iHeart’s Black Effect podcast network, Charlamagne’s imprint will focus on opening new doors in the publishing marketplace by amplifying Black and brown narratives, rethinking traditional approaches to the industry, and engaging with the audiences Charlamagne knows best: Cutting-edge, connected, and culturally aware.

“This country can’t undo the gross atrocities and inner and outer scars committed against the Black, brown, indigenous, and immigrant lives that were sacrificed for the benefit of its creation, development, and rise,” says STATE OF EMERGENCY author Mallory, “But it is now clear that we, the people, who have toiled, sacrificed and contributed an indelible handprint from the soil to the soul of this nation, will no longer tolerate the continual systemic injustice, inequality, inequity, and indignities against the communities our government never bothered to correct. We’re owed the same American Dream of this nation as those who seek the haven of it. And the time is now.”

Charlamagne Tha God (Lenard Larry McKelvey), is a native of South Carolina, where it was once prohibited to teach slaves to read and write. “Now, thanks to Black Privilege Publishing, we don’t just read and write—we read, we write, and we publish our own narratives,” said Charlamagne, one of the most potent, influential, and authoritative voices in media today. Black Privilege Publishing is a safe place where unapologetically Black voices tell their unapologetically Black stories—with freedom, bandwidth, and power. According to Charlamagne, “Black Privilege Publishing is a home for the descendants of slaves impacted by Anti-Literacy Laws to forge stories that our ancestors could only dream of reading.”

Tamika D. Mallory has risen to become one of the most sought after, influential activists of her generation. Her committed work, advocacy, frontline bravery and heroic servitude continues to fuel a solitary act into a global movement inspiring millions around the world to get involved in the fight for racial and social equality

Tamika, through the impact and gravity of her voice speaks truth to power no matter the consequences. She is hailed as one of the most influential Black voices of our generation. She served as the youngest ever Executive Director of the National Action Network and was instrumental in the creation of the New York City’s Crisis Management System, an official gun violence prevention program that awards nearly $27 million to violence prevention organizations annually. Tamika made history when she helped shepherd the largest single day demonstration, the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, serving as one of its four national co-chairs. Most recently, she co-founded Until Freedom, an intersectional social justice organization that serves as a clearing house for organizers, activists, movement attorneys, artists, celebrities, and formerly incarcerated individuals. Tamika also co-hosts alongside raptivist Mysonne Linen the newly launched “Street Politicians” podcast on iHeart Radio’s Black Effect Network.

Tamika has been honored as one of Time 100’s Most Influential People and was featured on Fortune’s list of the World’s Greatest Leaders. Her deliberative vision and focused intentionality ha­­­ve deeply moved and motivated a new generation of spirited, engaged activists. Never hiding behind a keyboard, but motivated by her selfless convictions to advance freedom and equality, Tamika is a peerless, street-wise lightning bolt for justice. The title, STATE OF EMERGENCY is a reflective masterpiece birthed from the urgent declaration she made in the opening of her speech during the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis.

“Queen Tamika Mallory is my leader. If you’re a black person in America, she’s your leader, too,” said BLACK PRIVILEGE PUBLISHING’S Charlamagne Tha God. “Tamika is one of those people who’s ALWAYS on the frontlines fighting for us—not for self-serving reasons, but because she cares about Black People. History is going to be very kind to her. When it’s all said and done, she will go down as one of the most influential black voices in American history. It is truly a Black Privilege and an honor to work for her. STATE OF EMERGENCY is going to immortalize her words and give black people a study guide that will help us navigate our way to true freedom.”

BLACK PRIVILEGE PUBLSHING will be operated for Atria Books by Editor Nicholas Ciani and Senior Vice President and Publisher Libby McGuire. “There is no one better positioned to discover, cultivate, and elevate the next generation of art and leadership in Black and brown America than Charlamagne Tha God,” said  Ciani. “I am thrilled to take this journey alongside him.”

“Atria Books has had a  longstanding commitment to publishing that reflects a wide range of cultures, experiences, and origins,” said McGuire. “Black Privilege Publishing is a big, bold step in continuing and expanding that tradition. I could not be more excited to partner with Charlamagne as he builds this new imprint and help in its development.”

Ciani acquired STATE OF EMERGENCY from Ashley Coleman and Marc Gerald at Europa Content. In the agreement for Black Privilege Publishing, Charlamagne Tha God was represented by Nena Madonia Oshman and Jan Miller at Dupree Miller Associates.


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About Atria Books: Atria Books is an imprint of Simon and Schuster.

About Simon & Schuster: Simon & Schuster, a part of ViacomCBS, is a global leader in general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for readers of all ages, and in all printed, digital and audio formats. Its distinguished roster of authors includes many of the world’s most popular and widely recognized writers, and winners of the most prestigious literary honors and awards. It is home to numerous well-known imprints and divisions such as Simon & Schuster, Scribner, Atria Books, Gallery Books, Pocket Books, Adams Media, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing and Simon & Schuster Audio and international companies in Australia, Canada, India and the United Kingdom, and proudly brings the works of its authors to readers in more than 200 countries and territories.

Black Privilege Publishing brings potent, culturally-relevant content to the marketplace from emerging and renowned Black voices around the world. Black Privilege Publishing will focus on opening new doors in the publishing marketplace by amplifying Black and brown narratives, rethinking traditional approaches to the industry, and engaging with the audience Charlamagne knows best—cutting-edge, connected, and culturally aware.


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