A Statement from the Authors of Rage Baking and Tiller Press

The idea for RAGE BAKING developed authentically and organically. The authors, Kathy Gunst and Katherine Alford, gathered a range of voices to speak to all those who feel a sense of outrage over what is happening in our society and express their rage and their creativity through baking. In a message of hope and activism, together we thought the phrase “rage baking” fit the essay and recipe collection the authors were putting together.

The intent has never been to claim ownership of the term “rage baking,” nor to erase or diminish the work of others using the phrase. Any attempt to lay claim  to the term “rage baking” denies the universal pull this concept/movement has for anyone who has witnessed injustice and has channeled their outrage in the kitchen—the very reason it made for a meaningful title of the collection.

We have heard the feedback, and in keeping with that spirit of communal activism, believe it is important to acknowledge Tangerine Jones’ contributions around the phrase in future editions of RAGE BAKINGas well as the works of others who have used the phrase in their online publishing and social media activity.

While the authors have chosen to donate a portion of their proceeds from RAGE BAKING to EMILY’s List, we encourage our readers to support the causes and organizations they believe in, and note that Tangerine Jones has specifically cited the Ali Forney Center, the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, and The Campaign Against Hunger.


Kathy Gunst, Katherine Alford, and Tiller Press